WebOS apps require an internet connection to use. Frequently Asked Questions Email Support. Windows Mac Android iOS. German-English Dictionary by Ultralingua Das Wörterbuch kann mit eigenen Begriffen erweitert werden und versorgt Sie zudem mit grammatikalischen Informationen. Das Programm verfügt auch über andere Funktionen, die ganz praktisch sein können, vor allem wenn wir eine Fremdsprache lernen. System Requirements OS 3. German and Spanish language learners need to master plenty of grammar and usage rules, and keeping track of them all can be a challenge.

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The customizable hotkey allows you to search for words in many programs, including email, browsers, PDF files, documents, and more easily. Windows Mac Android iOS. Vielleicht interessiert dich auch: Translate numerals into French and German text. Download the day free trial to get temporary access to thousands of verb conjugations, translations, the flashcard builder, and more. Bitte sehen Sie dazu unsere Datenschutzerklärung ein.

Let the software challenge you by displaying them in random order, or choose the view you prefer. What can we offer you? What languages do we provide? What can we offer you?

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Ultralingua stellt sich vor als eine der besten Desktop-Alternative, wenn es ultralinguz Wörterbücher für ultrapingua Übersetzung verschiedener Sprachen geht, denn wir ultralingya anhand einer praktischen Schnittstelle die Möglichkeit, Wörter zu findenganze Texte zu übersetzen oder Gesprächsbeispiele zu suchen, und vieles mehr.


If you use a keyboardthe Smartphone version is for you. You can count on the Spanish-German dictionary from Ultralingua to provide all the translations and conjugations you need on your Windows Mobile phone. Search for any form of a verb and the Spanish-German dictionary will suggest the infinitive form ultralingka an option among your results.

Zusätzlich zu Virenscans wird jeder Download manuell von unserer Redaktion für Sie geprüft.

German-English Dictionary by Ultralingua

The entire app is offline, so your flashcards, dictionary, verb conjugations, grammar guide, and more are always available whether or not you have an internet connection. French and German ultralingau guides are built into the French-German Translation Dictionary for Mac so most grammar and usage rules are only a click away. The French-German Translation Ultraingua from Ultralingua is one of the most popular in the App Store because it brings all these features and more to iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with an easy-to-use interface.

You should get the Pocket PC version if your mobile device has a touchscreen.

Ultralingua Wörterbuch Deutsch-Englisch

Download our Windows Mobile version if you are using a device that has a touch screen. Download our Pocket PC version if your device has a touch screen. Both are available for a day free trial above. Nicht angemeldet Stimm ab: Transcription of numbers into French and Ultralintua text.

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You can count on the French-German Translation Dictionary from Ultralingua to provide all the content you need on your Windows Mobile phone. Looking for a Spanish-German translation dictionary that has dependable content, is easy to use, and works offline?


It suggests possible ultraingua for you as you type, making it simple to find a verb even without the correct or complete spelling. The Ultralingua conjugations included in these products are available for thousands of regular and irregular Spanish and German verbs.

Not sure which Windows Mobile product is for you? History list displays recent dictionary, verb, and number searches.


Not sure which Windows Mobile product is for you? Letzte Aktualisierung Vor 3 Monaten. Die Zone der Mitte bleibt frei, damit die Definitionen der Wörter oder die übersetzten Texte uotralingua sind.

Similar and related words are suggested in case you misspell or mistype. Windows Mobile Professional 6.


Download the day free trial to get temporary access uptralingua thousands of verb conjugations, definitions, the flashcard builder, and more. Use the built-in flashcard tool to memorize vocabulary lists and verb forms.

System Ultralinfua OS 3.


Tap any word in the dictionary results to conjugate it or search Google for usage examples. Browse through recent look-ups in the history view to jump back to a previous search quickly. Try our Smartphone version if your Windows Mobile phone does not have a touchscreen.

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